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Automate Your Code Reviews

Get Static analysis, code coverage, duplication and complexity changes in every commit and pull request to ship better software faster. 

Save time in Code Reviews
Get immediate impact of every commit and pull request before reviewing it manually. 

Integrated into your Workflow
Codacy directly integrates with Github Enterprise, Bitbucket Server (Stash) and Gitlab and doesn't require a change of workflow.

Tracks and Measure your Code Quality  
Track your code quality and team performance over time and manage your technical debt.

Multilanguage and Extensible
Codacy supports Ruby, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Scala, CoffeeScript, CSS and is completely extensible.

Fast and Scalable Analysis
Codacy only runs on code diffs and is scalable to repositories with millions of lines of code.

Continuous Updates Included
Receive new features on a continuous basis and install them in just one click.

Easy Installation and Setup
Easily install and get started with Codacy on your own server, behind your firewall.

Great Support
Dedicated and responsive support team to answer all your questions.

Loved by developers at hundreds of companies including:

Akara Sucharitakul
Principal MTS at Paypal

"We came to rely on Codacy to analyze every commit and every pull request to catch code quality issues, manage code coverage, or even new bugs before we even accept the pull request, saving us a huge amount of churn and cost."

User Management
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